Help us set up a Community Centre for language learners


A personal message by Eva Litzenberg

Picture the scene: a community centre where language learners can meet like minded people, borrow books, take lessons, join clubs in their target language.
A place where bilingual families can meet others for play groups, cultural celebrations and to meet other speakers.

A community centre like this has been my dream since I have started teaching German as a foreign language.

Today, I am asking for your help and support to make this dream a reality. Your donation will help us secure permanent premises, employ more teachers and purchase equipment for a fully immersive studio.

With this message, I hope I can count on your support. As a thank you, all supporters who contribute £20 or more to this campaign will become London Language Hub Gold members and will receive 10% off all bookings London Language Hub for a year. Support Us

Thank you for any and all donations, likes and shares. We could not build this community centre without you.